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May 2016

Why isn’t there more recycling at local and national parks?

Many national parks have banned the sale of plastic bottles on park lands. Visitors are encouraged to use a reusable bottle and refill at free water filling stations throughout the parks. Zion National Park in Utah estimates its ban prevents more than 5,000 pounds of plastic bottles ending up in the trash every year.

Unfortunately, plastic bottle bans have been slow to catch on. Only 22 national parks in the country currently have bans. America’s love affair with bottled water can be seen in...

Promotional Products for National Dairy Month

National Dairy Month is celebrated every June. Organizations promoting themselves during this month include dairy farmers, creameries, manufacturers of dairy products, coffee and cereal products, ice cream and frozen yogurt stores and more. The goal is to generate awareness to the nutritional benefits of drinking milk and increase dairy consumption.

Whether you are trying to promote milk, cheese, coffee creamer or butter, there are numerous eco-friendly promotional products from which to choose. Children age 2-11 years consume about twice as much milk as adults. If children are the...

On-Campus Dining Sustainability Efforts at Colleges and Universities

The biggest names in on-campus dining are making great strides to reduce waste at schools across America. Chartwells, Aramark and Sodexo have all made many eco-friendly changes to reduce waste in both food and materials and make dining operations more energy efficient.

Chartwells’ four basic tenets of sustainable and socially responsible business practices are: Eat Green, Build Green, Run Green, and Return Green. In its on-campus dining locations, Chartwells uses biodegradable consumer food packaging, plates, and utensils...

What Makes a Promotional Product Socially Responsible?

In Eco Promotional Products' efforts to assist our customers in making informed and responsible purchasing decisions, we have icons to identify the eco-friendly attributes of each product found on our site. One of these icons designates social compliancy. What exactly does this mean and why is it important?

Promotional products are made all over the world. Many are made in countries without labor laws or environmental regulations so that unregulated products may be imported to the U.S. and sold at cheap prices. Apparel is a prime example of this. American made t-shirts, polo shirts...