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March 2017

Climate Change has put Bees and other Pollinators in Danger What Green Organizations and Individuals Can do to Help

It's time to start planning for spring and summer gardening. While many people find bees to be pesky, they are a vital part of our eco-system. Climate change is linked to flowers blooming earlier before bees emerge from hibernation, disrupting the natural pollination process. Many of the foods we eat rely on or benefit from bee pollination. Bees and other pollinators need our help to combat the effects of climate change on pollination. 

Simple backyard planting and gardening changes can...

Promotional Products for National Bike Month 2017

Every May, cyclists across the country join together to promote National Bike Month. Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike Month, National Bike to Work Week (May 15-19) and Bike to Work Day (May 19) all showcase the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to use a bicycle for their health and transportation needs. National Bike to School Day is May 10, 2017.

Many large cities with miles of bike lanes such as New York, Chicago, Portland and Denver have special events on Bike to Work Day to encourage more...