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May 2017

Top 10 Promotional Products For College Orientations

Freshman orientations will soon be underway at colleges and universities as students gear up for the 2017-2018 school year. New students will be bombarded with information about residence life, campus dining, technology services, campus safety and more. Sustainability-focused colleges strive to deliver as much information as possible to students in an eco-friendly way. This can be done by reducing or eliminating paper handouts and finding other eco-friendly mediums to promote services on campus. 

1. T-shirts: Campus representatives will need to...

Top 10 Promotional Products for the 4th of July, State Fairs and Other Summer Events

Memorial Day marks the unofficial first day of summer. Weekends will be filled with picnics, BBQs, festivals, 5ks and parades. No matter what type of event you are organizing, show your patriotism with American made promotional products.

Buying American made products is good for the environment and the economy. Additionally, products made in the USA are safer. American made manufacturers are heavily regulated and have to abide by strict regulations to minimize pollutants and protect the environment. Recipients will also notice the Country of Origin labeling and appreciate receiving...

Best Promotional Products for Farmers Markets

Outdoor farmers markets will soon be open for the season. Shopping farmers markets reduces your carbon footprint by shopping local. Your carbon footprint can be reduced even further by walking or riding your bike to the local event instead of using a car. Many products offered at farmers’ markets are also sustainable, organic or grown without, harmful to the environment, pesticides.

While produce is plentiful at farmers markets so, unfortunately, are plastic bags. However, there has been much progress over the past five years to ban plastic bags. Many farmers markets, especially...