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July 2017

Are plastic bag bans working? Chicago says ‘yes’. Reusable Bags are the promotional product that never goes out of style.

In the 1950s, as paper shopping bags became more affordable to produce, grocers began offering them free of charge to customers. In 1965 a Swedish company patented the “T-shirt” style plastic bag and by the 1980s, these low cost bags were found in grocery stores across the country. At the end of the century, environmentalists began looking at the effects of plastic bags on the environment. Researchers exposed the negative environmental impact of producing these bags and the harm they can do to wildlife and plumbing when discarded. These discoveries led to an international movement of...

Promotional Products for Water Conservation Programs

In recent years California, Texas, Florida and Georgia have all suffered through drought conditions. This year drought conditions have moved to the Great and Northern Plains including parts of North and South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and Iowa. No matter the current conditions, it’s important to practice water conservation at all times.

After one of the wettest winters on record, California finally emerged from a five-year drought earlier this year. Some areas of...