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February 2019

Earth Day 2019 | Promotional Products, Giveaways and Swag for Earth Day Events

Every day is Earth Day at Eco Promotional Products. If you are planning an Earth Day celebration, Eco Promotional Products has a broad selection of unique eco-friendly promotional items. The selection is meant to educate and encourage Earth-friendly actions like conserving energy, beautifying green spaces, reducing waste and recycling. Walk the walk and choose Earth Day giveaways that won’t end up in a landfill.

Many Earth Day events are geared towards students who will be the caretakers of our Earth in years to come. Educating young people about Earth Day and what it represents is...


Eco Friendly Finance Themed Promotions

Competition is fierce among financial planners, investment firms and banks. When it comes to choosing a partner for their money, many people look beyond which institution offers the best interest rates and/or investment returns and look for financial partners that share the same social and environmental values. In the past, people have chosen credit unions, community banks and local financial planners over the world’s biggest institutions. Now, there are even more alternative choices from impact-driven banks to Certified B-Corps.

The Global Alliance...